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Past Events

Strangers' Hall - 21st April 2024

Slideshow accompaniment
Earl of Oxford's Marche by William Byrd
arranged by Matt Kingston, adapted by Paul Barrett

Scottish Schottis by Olle Moraeus (played by one of our trios)

Goddesses from Playford
arranged by J.E. Latty

As our contribution to World Concertina Day, we spent the afternoon playing at Strangers' Hall in Norwich. The Undercroft, which is the earliest part of the hall, dating from around 1320, was the location for our main performance. We played a variety of tunes, including some early music and tunes from the Playford collection. At one time the hall was home to a dancing master, so this may not have been the first time these tunes had been heard within its walls. Some of our members also performed solos, duets and trios in the Great Hall which dates from the 15th century.

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear some of the tunes we played.

Devonshire House, 17th century dance   
Arranged by John Kirkpatrick   


La Cumparsita, by Gerardo Rodriguez   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


The Men of Harlech, Welsh traditional   
Adapted from Roylance by S.E. Pointeer   


The Mermaid, Sea shanty   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Michael Turner's Waltz, based on Mozart   
Arranged by CAB   
and The Hungarian Waltz, traditional   
Arranged by Dave Townsend   


Newcastle and Parson's Farewell, Playford   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Nonesuch and A La Mode De France, Playford   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Suo Gan, Welsh lullaby   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Tarantella Calabria, Italian traditional   
Arranged by S.E. Pointeer   


Tumbalaliaka, Russian/Jewish Folk song   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   




A few tunes from a quartet and trio

Turn on (and off) the player to hear them.

Hunt the Squirrel (Denley), traditional   
Arranged by John Kirkpatrick   


Lord Willoughby   
by William Byrd   


Tiny Tim's Barn Dance by Felix Burns   
Arranged by S.E. Pointeer   


Nellie the Elephant, by Ralph Butler and Peter Hart   
Arranged by Philip Evry   




A few duets

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear us.

Polperro Bay   
By Ollie King   


Two German Dances, traditional   
Arranged by Nick Barber   


Woodland Flowers, by Felix Burns   
Arranged by S.E. Pointeer   




More duets

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear us.

Fun Tashlikh, traditional Klezmer   
Arranged by S.E. Pointeer   


Indian Queen, Playford   
Arranged by Chris Jewell and Alastair Gavin   


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