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SqueezEast 24
Past Events

SqueezEast 12th June 2022

Slideshow accompaniment - Charmaine by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack,
arranged by Paul Barrett

We had so much fun at our band day, after such a long break. It was good to meet up with friends, some of whom we hadn't seen since our last event three years ago in 2019. We played a range of pieces sourced and arranged by our conductor Paul Barrett. Our 32 piece band consisted of piccolo, treble, baritone and bass instruments. English, Anglo and Duet concertinas were all represented. We thank all our participants and the organisers and helpers for making the event so enjoyable and we look forward to making more music together next year.

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear some of the tunes we learnt during the day.

Charmaine by Erno Rappee and Lew Pollack   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Finlandia by Sibelius   
Arranged by Bob Minting   


Gresford by Robert Saint and    
Sandon by Charles H. Purday   


March of the Stiff Necks   
by Sheila Nelson   


Tom Bowling by Charles Dibling   
Arranged by Bob Minting   


Tumbalalaika - 'The Riddle' by Natalia Zukerman   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Ukraine's Glory and Freedom Have Not Perished   
by Mykhailo Verbytsky   


Wallace and Gromit Theme by Julian Nott   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   



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Graham played an impressive jazz piece, first recorded by Nat King Cole in 1948

Turn on (and off) the player to hear him.

Nature Boy   
by Eden Ahbez  


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West Midlands Concertinas played a lively John Kirkpatrick tune

Turn on (and off) the player to hear them.

The Fork Stuck Under the Door   
by John Kirkpatrick  



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SqueezEast Concertinas also performed three tunes in the afternoon showcase

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear us.

Flow Gently Sweet Afton   
by J. E. Spilman  


James Higgins' Jig and the Fox Hunter   
Arranged by Paul Burgess  


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