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Past Events

SqueezEast 9th June 2019

We had a great day in the magnificent ballroom at Stamford Arts Centre, playing some excellent music under the skilled baton of conductor and arranger Paul Barrett. Our 35 piece band consisted of treble, baritone and bass instruments, with a brief appearance from a miniature to play a piccolo line! English, Anglo and Duet concertinas were all represented. We thank all our participants and the organisers and helpers for making the event so enjoyable and we look forward to making more music together next year.

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear some of the tunes we learnt during the day.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Can You Feel the Love by Elton John   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Handel's Largo   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Solomon Linda   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Panis Angelicus by CÚsar Franck   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   


Water of Tyne, Traditional   
Arranged by Paul Barrett   



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SqueezEast Concertinas performed three pieces in the afternoon showcase

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear us.

Blind Mary by Turlough O'Carolan   
Arranged by Paul Barrett  


Maiden Lane, Playford   
Arranged by Sharon Pointeer  


Shrewsbury Waltz, Traditional   
Arranged by John Kirkpatrick  


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We all enjoyed the performance by our friends from the Chiltinas

Turn on (and off) the player to hear them.

Civil Affair by Bernard Wrigley   
Arranged by John McKenzie  


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West Midlands Concertinas also performed a lovely version of a traditional tune

Turn on (and off) the player to hear them.

Nancy's Fancy, Traditional   
Arranged by Dave Townsend  


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