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Squeeze & Sing
18th November 2017

This event was held at the Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich and was a joint charity event with Village Voices Community Choir. The choir, which is based in Blofield, is led by one of our SqueezEast Concertinas members, Suzanne Williams, who came up with the idea of this joint event. We performed songs and tunes separately and also one item, Suo Gan, a traditional Welsh lullaby, together. You can hear Suo Gan accompanying the photo slide show.
We were very pleased that we were able to raise £256 which is to be donated to the Norwich Deaf Community Centre.

We played a number of our old favourites, but also some tunes we had not played recently. It was lovely that the choir and audience joined in with our Songs from the Trenches Medley.

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear a few of the tunes we performed.

Goddesses from Playford's Dancing Master   
Arranged by J.E. Latty, a member's father  


Planxty Hewlett by Turlough O'Carolan   
Arranged for concertina by Paul Barrett  
based on an arrangement by Robin Garside  


La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez   
Embellished by SqueezEast Concertinas  


Songs from the Trenches Medley   
Arranged by Sharon Pointeer  


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