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Past Events

FolkEast 20th August 2017

We ran beginners Anglo and English concertina workshops and performed at FolkEast again this year. The workshops were very popular and participants enjoyed learning a simple tune, despite most never having played a concertina before.

The workshop was followed by a performance, by SqueezEast, of some concertina band arrangments. We played treble, baritone, bass and miniature instruments. The audience enjoyed listening to the tunes and we were pleased with our applause.

Turn on (and off) each player in turn to hear the tunes we performed.

The Shrewsbury Waltz - Traditional   
Arranged by John Kirkpatrick  


James Higgins Jig & The Fox Hunter   
Arranged by Paul Burgess  


Men of Harlech - Welsh Traditional   
Arranged for single concertina by Charles Roylance   
Adapted for 4 part band by Sharon Pointeer  


Willafjord - Shetland Traditional   
Arranged by Derek Hobbs  


Hector the Hero by J Scott Skinner   
Adapted for concertina band by Paul Barrett  


William Giles Quadrille/Les Lanciers by Felix Yaniewicz   
Arranged by Dave Townsend  


Trenches Medley   
Arranged by Sharon Pointeer  


La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez   
Embellished by SqueezEast Concertinas  

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